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Jun 10, 2016 at 07:16 AM

SLD Error - Database and company don't show only on a PC. Pls help!



I have a big problem only on a PC. I try to explain the best in english:

I have 1 server where it is installed SAP B1 9 and 4 PCs where I have the clients with their licenses.

It ran very well for months (years). Yesterday 1 pc (ONE ONLY) can't access SAP BUSINESS ONE.

The problem is that, after clicking the client to start to use SAP from that PC, I have the following error: "Impossible to connect to System Landscape Directory (SLD) ; contact the administrator.

I tried different solution, for example to enter the server name and the port: "30010" , as suggested in the forum, and I receive "a green answer" from the server, but I can not see the companies, and I can not connect to the database (After the "green answer, from the "access form" , I receive the following "red answer": Impossible to connect the database". Read the following things to understand the situation please:

- The problem is only from 1 PC

- All Licenses can access Sap Business One from other 3 PCs and from the server

- The LAN runs well, in fact I can enter the server from this PC, and I can run SAP B1 by remote control without problems, using his license (the operator is working in this way from yesterday ... )

- I removed all the firewall and the Antivirus form PC, and I deactivated windows defender and windows firewall.

- Native server 2008 is installed and runs well (in fact the PC has always well performed untill 2 days ago)

- I tried to uninstall the Client (by CCleaner as suggested) and re install it, but the problem remained.

I read something about "server tools", but I have no idea about how unistall and reinstall them ... the problem is only for a PC, how could it be a similiar problem?

Who can help me to solve the problem?

Any ideas? Please help.