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Jun 09, 2016 at 11:35 PM

EC-CS - Using multiple Retained Earnings Accounts


My name is Venkat Dasigi. We are still on Classic GL and EC-CS. I am making a few changes to support the upcoming parallel accounting requirement.

We extended our Chart of Accounts to include a set of accounts for the New GAAP requirement (this is to meet the Dual reporting requirement).

EC-CS changes:

1. Added a new Version (300), with base version same as the current one (100), as we don't want to define a whole separate Consolidation process for the new accounts. The new accounts will be part of the current hierarchy and will flow thru the current consolidation cycle. Only reporting will be different, for which we created separate account sets (one with new accounts and one w/o new accounts)

2. Assigned same task group and all other config items to the new Version (300)

3. Assigned separate Retained Earnings account and ANI account in CXE5/ CXS3 under new Version (this is the reason why I created a separate Version, because, we have to roll up new accounts into a separate RE account)


1. When I run CXCL or CXCD, the RE rollup is still going to the old RE account. Is it because all accounts are defined in the same hierarchy? Is there a way to tell the system to use different RE accounts for different accounts (which is already defined in FI config). Can you please throw some light on this?

Best Regards,