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Jun 09, 2016 at 05:08 PM

Ampersand Locks WO Long Text


SAP Friends,

I have an odd occurrence happening with our work orders in the PRD environment. When users enter an ampersand (&) into the long text and then save, it occasionally prevents users from being able to edit the WO further.

Work Order before adding "&"

After adding "&". Note that it's still in change mode, and everything else can be edited (dates, work center, operations, etc.). It can be edited using the text button to the right of the header text, but not through the long text field below:

This is not a consistent issue. Occasionally when adding the ampersand to the long text, it does not lock up.

I'm thinking this may need the implementation of a note to fix. Any thoughts?


WO Issue 1.PNG (215.3 kB)
WO Issue 3.PNG (200.0 kB)