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Jun 09, 2016 at 07:22 PM

Agentry - on an iOS device use numeric keypad on an optional field


This issue is related to iPhone and iPad. I have a transaction screen that has an entry field which should only permit a decimal number to be entered. For this field, I want the numeric keypad to pop up for data entry. The only way I know to get the numeric keypad to come up is to set the field's edit type to Decimal Number. However, when you use Decimal Number edit type, Agentry defaults the field to zero and also requires a value to be entered (even if you delete out the zero it will re-insert it when you try to save). Since the field is optional I don't want to require a value, and also don't want any value to be defaulted in the field. Someone suggested that I use the "Blank when displaying zero" property on the transaction property, however since zero is a valid entry I can't use that.

Is there any way to use the numeric keypad on iOS and also not default nor require a value in the entry field?