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Former Member
Jun 09, 2016 at 04:52 PM

GLM print issue- Load balancing


Hi GLM experts,

Need help to understand the issue with the Label prinitng in GLM module.

Using GLMPT tool concept, In dev system not able to print more than 1 copy even if we request more than 1 copy. Lpt file is created with all the necessary information with multiple copies, but prints only 1.

Works fine in production for some reason. Difference between Production and Development is the number of generation servers. Production has 1 gen server and in development, we added an extra one server to rectify the RFC communication failure error every other day in production. We thought that adding additional server would share the load of the print requests. However, we observe that only one generation server is still being used in Development.

Apparently while testing in development with multiple servers, I am running into issues of printing only 1 copy of the label. There are no errors in the print t-code and log shows print copies as whatever we have stated once we enter the PRINT command on the cbgl_MP01 t code.

Please help me resolving this.