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Jun 09, 2016 at 04:39 PM

ASE catalog version for RS


Good day,

Having :

ASE 16.0 sp02 as primary at host_1

ASE 15.7.0 as catalog ( RSSD) for Rep server version 15.7.1, both at host_2

ASE 16 sp02 as replicated at host_3

Environment : WS pairs local (same site and no routes)

-Could we keep using ASE catalog version at version 15.7 and RS 15.7.1 for both ASE 16 primary and replicated?

-If we choose to upgrade ASE catalog ( 15.7 ) to 16 , which would be recommended steps for this operation, assuming ASE 16 can act as RS 15.7.1 catalog?

Would it be enough to :

At host_2 with ASE 15.7 catalog:

-backup system db's plus RSSD

-install a new ASE 16 at host_2

-load system db's backups plus RSSD into ASE 16

Thank you