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Jun 09, 2016 at 03:51 PM

ChaRM with multiple production clients and status dependent import.


Hi experts,

I am trying to understand what would be the best option to handle a landscape with 2 clients for each system.

We have a 4 systems Landscape: DEV, QUA, PreProd and PROD. Each system has 2 clients.

Developments are made only on DEV1. PROD1 is the real production, but changes that reach PROD1 must be made to PROD2. We need the changes on the second client as soon as possible (because of the workbench requests that are reimported).

The initial configuration was to use a target group from DEV1 to DEV2, QUA1 and QUA2. Then using mass import in the STMS, the change were imported in each system (in both clients).

What is the best practice to synchronize those two (clients) tracks with ChaRM?

We intend to keep the target group for DEV2, QUA1 and QUA2, and create a target group for PreProd clients, and a last one for Productions.

To synchronize urgent changes, we are thinking of using report /TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_UC to schedule import in each secondary client.

We will also use a report for periodic import in DEV2, QUA1 and QUA2 of the TOCs and released transports,.

But how to manage PreProd2 and PROD2 ?

Changes are imported in PreProd1 via tasklist. Status dependent import is active, so PreProd2 also needs to be handled via ChaRM? Could we schedule tasklist import for PreProd2 to activate after import in PreProd1? We don't want the import job in PreProd2 or PROD2 to be periodic because they are clients, so workbench changes will reach PROD1 too, before actual Go-Live.

To handle PROD1 and PROD2, do we need to create 2 logical components with the DEV1 as source system for both, and PROD1 and PROD2 as Productions ? I have noticed that this option remove the automatic assignment of the component when inserting change documents in the scope of the Change Request...

Or can we use just one logical component, and manage all secondary clients via import jobs ?