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Jun 09, 2016 at 03:00 PM

how to do sub contract process in operation wise



Acually i was search more to get the solution for this, but still i cannot able to find the solution

I can explain the query with example

BOM i Created Like this

FERT -------- MMR --------- x_______z (MMR - Number )

Operation 10 ( In-house)

Operation 20 ( F - Sub Con )

Operation 30 ( In-house)

Operation 40 ( In-house)

Operation 50 ( In-house)

ROH 1 -----------MMR ------------XY________Z (MMR - Number )

Acutally I Create Part number for FERT and ROH were as all operation only have the discreption, now I need to send operation 20 For Out Sourcing

I was search in SCN and Start move forward

General Explaination :

* In routing i maintain PP02 and I maintain Pur Info Record

* And I Run the MRP and Release the order Then i can able to see the Pur Req (operation - 20) where I made control key has PP02 in Routing

* For GI to Sub Con i need Operation 30 But physically there is no stock because i not create MMR for that

* Next I Convert PR to PO (In PO contain only discreption only)

* If I Do MIGO stock will not add in inventory because in po only have discreption

SNC Methodology :

* So I search in SCN and they give the solution like Create Dummy Material and add It In Po component allocation So you can found the stock in invertory, Then if you confirm the operation it get consume in that inventory

Client Suggestion :

* But My client not accepting this method, because he feel it is more complex and some what difficulty

* So Please Give some other suggestion to resole this issue