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Jun 09, 2016 at 02:22 PM

NWDI synchronize service software components question



I'm using NWDI and PO as a mean to develop BPMs.

In the initial setup of NWDI, when making the comparison between runtime system and NDWI, I managed to make the syncronisation for most of the software components. (like explained here : part 3 of the document)

I had to download the same version between NWDI and our PO servers. I did actually manage to find most of them in the software download section from SAP. But some components I was not able to get the same patch version, and it seems that if version is not the same then the syncronisation wont work.

For example, I'm running on my runtime system the software component FRAMEWORK version and I was only able to download and well synchronisation wont work. I have other SC's with the same issue.

How do I then make it work ? For example I have to update each FRAMEWORK software component to patch version 3 on my runtime systems, and then make the syncronisation again ? Is updating software components individually recommended ?

Thank you for your help.