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Former Member
Jun 09, 2016 at 12:16 PM

Data Manager Package Script Editor Variabes


Hi Experts,

I have a logic file that performs some calculations and sends the results to another cube. I'm trying to set up a data manger package to allow the user to specify the source version and the target version.

The source and target may be the same or they may be different - the cubes use the same Version dimension. Because they may be different I need two variables, so I can't use a SELECTINPUT prompt. And the COPYMOVEINPUT prompt won't allow me to specify the same source and target.

I've read the guide about passing dynamic variables to script logic. If I have to go to the trouble of setting up a process chain then so be it.

But I expect there is probably an easier way to do this. It doesn't seem to be an unusual requirement.

I'm running 7.5 for Netweaver.