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Jun 09, 2016 at 07:46 AM

Co-product & By-product scenario not allow through PI Sheet


Hi Experts,

Thanks for your all guidance to SCN.

I am new in PI sheet, I need one clarification on that.

I try to post the By-product and Co-product through PI Sheet.

I completed all related setting for Material master, Bill of material, Master recipe itself and assign the material based on phase also.

I am used two PI characteristic at GI & GR

GI i am used the PI Characteristic : CONS_3

GR i am used the PI Characteristic : PROD_3

Once release the order and create the control recipe , system not consider the By-product & Co-product posting.

I am assigned the material : 700030 at 0080 phase ( By -product > 531 movement type at reservation level)

I am assigned the material : 400622 at 0100 phase ( Co-product > 101 movement type )

But posting not done, In PI characteristic not created for 0080 phase based on negative qty and GR not allow at 0100 phase at the same negative qty of CO-Product.

In PROD_3 PI Characteristic at last phase not allow the CO-Product only consider the header material.

Here with i have attached the screen short at word document in working flow for your ready reference.

Kindly guide me how to solve the issue and if my understanding is wrong Please correct it.

Thanks with best regards,