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Jun 09, 2016 at 04:32 AM

Current Active Sessions


Dear All,

We've implemented custom Fiori client using SMP Kapsel plugins and our architecture is shown in the attached image.

We'd like to know the current active user sessions to know who have logged in to mobile app at any point of time.

Which system or report can help us? How to find the current active sessions? is there any way using SMP or gateway system?

The logical process of the communication with the Mobility server is as below:

  1. Mobile User tries to logon to Mobile application over secure connection to the SMP.
  2. Since the logon control of the application uses SAML2.0, a redirect happens to the iDP with SP information.
  3. SAML Authentication Request with SP details is forwarded to iDP from the mobile application.
  4. iDP checks if the user credentials are valid against the user directory(Active Directory in our case).
  5. Identity of the user is verified and response provided to Microsoft ADFS (IDP).
  6. SAML Successful Assertion with information about the authenticated user is given as response to the mobile app.
  7. The SAML Assertion is sent to SMP. SMP validates the Assertion and creates an x.509 user certificate at runtime to communicate with SAP Netweaver Gateway.
  8. This certificate is used to connect with SAP Netweaver Gateway to retrieve the user specific data.
  9. Response from SAP Netweaver Gateway is received by SMP.
  10. The response is relayed to the mobile application through SMP.

Kindly advise.


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