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Jun 08, 2016 at 04:22 PM

Required automatic QM notification generation when result recorded for an MIC is failure


Hello experts,

In my project, we are doing equipment calibration in SAP PM and the process is such that when PM plan is scheduled, a PM order and an inspection lot gets generated automatically.The next step is to record the result for the MIC in QE17 and go on to record the usage decision in QA11.

So far, it is working.

Now, the requirement is that if the result is 'fail', i.e. the inspection lot (the equipment) is rejected, then a QM notification should be automatically generated.

Since, I am new to QM , I need detailed instructions for the configurations and master data required to accomplish this.

I created the MIC w.r.t a characteristic.

Once I changed my MIC (created w.r.t a characteristic) to check 'defect recording' in the control indicators. I was able to proceed upto QE17 and select my result 'fail' but when I tried to save, system gave the error that 'report 0000002 is missing".

Another thing I tried in my MIC but could not proceed much was when I clicked on the button 'catalog' and tried to enter 'Defect codes for rejection'.

The characteristic which I used in my MIC, I had created by using the following option in the tab 'values' of transaction code CT04.

Then I entered plant # and a selected set from the drop down list.

Am I on the right track?

I have looked at some related discussions but getting confused.Please guide me on this.




Char for MIC.jpg (75.8 kB)
char for MIC 2.jpg (67.1 kB)