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Jun 08, 2016 at 02:07 PM

HCI: big problems in small scenarios


Hello everybody,

I recently started to work with HCI but we met many problems implementing very easy scenarios.

This situation create a big irritation around here.

I try to ask a series of questions and I hope someone will help me. (I'm working with Eclipse Mars updated)


the first problem encountered is relating a SuccessFactors sender adapter.

After the configuration, when I try to use Model Operation wizard, the entity list remains empty. It's strange because I tryed to use a wrong password , or wrong user, but the result don't change. I have not any error feedback.



OK, I decided to write "Operation Details" without use the "Model Operation".

I implemented a very easy scenario SSFF to SFTP, deployed....but nothing work, no one message in monitor.

I changed SFTP adapter in SMTP adapter and set some random parameters.

In this case I deploy and ...I have a message...obvsiuly in ERROR status.

I try to press button "View Trace" but I don't see any payload or envelope in Model Configuration.

No one message monitor or log or trace are present?? How is possible intercept errors?


Last question for today is about SOAP adapter.

I tried to use a SOAP to SOAP adapter following a step by step document.

when I execute check I have an error on sender adapter:

"sender system SOAP or IDOC connector should use either basic autentication or an autorized client certificate for autentication"

I search inside adapter parameters but I not found any parameter regarding "basic autentication".

someone can help me? ๐Ÿ˜Š

best regards