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Jun 08, 2016 at 01:55 PM

Adjust RF screen layout


Hi Guru's,

in the RF devices the materialdescription is not displayed completely. This concerns, amongst others, in screen SAPLLMOB 0202. Despite of the materialnr being 40 characters long, only 20 or so characters are displayed.

I've managed to change the style width of the field in the HTML editor via SE80 so more characters are displayed in the RF device. Actually my question is if it is wise to change it in either logical screen SAPLLMOB 0202 / fysical screen 2002 or that i have to create a Z screen.

I think its strange that in standard screens for the same object (materialdescription) a different number of characters is displayed. Thats actually the reason why i ask you if its a problem to change the standard screens.

Thanks for you advise.