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Feb 08, 2017 at 11:14 AM

Retreive dimension value from selection of crosstab using different datasource



I'm relatively new to Design Studio.

Basically I'm trying to retreive a dimension value from Datasource A based on the selection of a crosstab using Datasource B.

As an example;

  • Datasource A contains dimensions name and locality and a measure.
  • Datasource B contains the dimension 'name' and measure - set as the datasource for a crosstab.

The names are found in both DS A & B.

I want to click on the crosstab (using Datasource B) and use the selected member in order to get the locality from datasource A.

The above can be done with getData(measure, selection) method but this only applies to measures. Is there something similar which applies to Dimensions?

Thanks & Regards,