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Jun 08, 2016 at 10:53 AM

How to fill past accumulated depreciation value to statutory dep area


Hello Asset Experts,

For tax reasons, we need to activate statutory depreciation areas on existing assets. The assets have depreciataion areas for local and US GAAP currently whose values post to the GL. These statutory depreciation areas, which will be newly activated, are statistical only and do not result in any postings to GL accounts.

We need to populate an amount/value on these statutory tax dep areas that will represent the accumulated tax amount for past years on these areas. We think we need to do this by posting a value in the current fiscal year in these depreciation areas that would represent the brought-forward accumulated depreciation value for all years prior to current year.

Is there a transaction we can use in SAP to achieve this postings where we can limit the posting to certain depreciation areas? Or can you advise the process steps by which we can achieve this?

Thanks and regards