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Jun 08, 2016 at 09:48 AM

Preventing zero value records from getting exported, on running EXPORT Data Manager Package


Hi Experts,

We are using BPC standard Data Manger Package, ‘Export Transaction data to Application Server’ to automatically export data from BPC to client application server every hour. We are using ‘SIGNEDDATA’ measure, while exporting BPC data to application server. Throughout the day many other automatic calculations run on the system that post data in BPC. These calculations first clear the data for a particular audittrail, and then repost the newly calculated values. Clearing data values, leads to many duplicated records being posted in BW, so as to accumulate the member intersection value to 0.

Light optimize is run once every day, which aggregates the positive and negative values and eliminates records with 0 value.

The issue is that during the day, when data export is being sent from BPC to application server, these redundant values (+ve and -ve values generated when CLEAR is run) also get transported, increasing the size of the data manyfolds. Is there a way through which we can somehow prevent these unwanted values from getting transported to the application server?

We are currently working on BPC NW 10.0 SP 25.

Thanks a lot, in advance