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Mar 07, 2006 at 09:20 AM

Updating faxnumbers via function calls


At one of our customers we need to change all faxnumbers since they will start using a different fax-application in the near future.

To change the faxnumbers of personnel data I found 2 functions I thought I could use.

ADDR_PERSONAL_COMM_GET to read the data ( table type ADFAX ) and

ADDR_PERSONAL_COMM_MAINTAIN to maintain the data

However, when I call function ADDR_PERSONAL_COMM_MAINTAIN I always get the message that the combination of address number and personnel number does not exist. When I look in the tables ( fe ADR3, ADRCOMC ... ) the combination does exist.

I have the impression that the function checks an internal table that is filled in another function of the same functiongroup. but I can't find which one.

Does somebody has some experience with these functions ?

Can you let me know what I do wrong here ?

Any help is appreciated. Also other functions that could be used