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Jun 08, 2016 at 08:41 AM

Crystal Reports for Enterprise - Upload Parameters by user possible? - or - Handle a large amount of input parameters?


Hello Everyone,

I develop some Reports with Crystal Reports for Enterprise currently. Later, these Reports are used within the BI Launchpad by end-users. Now I’m faced with a problem regarding the input of parameters.

One of the reports is separated in two parts. The first part consists data from a bex query- so far so good. However, the second part consists of 70 different data fields provided by the end user. For reasons of data privacy it’s not allowed to store these 70 data fields in a database or DWH. But we use these parameters to calculate key figures within the report.

Currently, we please the end-users to type in these fields in the input prompt of CR4E. Obviously, this is not a good solution. Because of this I’m looking for options to make the input of a big number of parameters more easy. Therefore I’m consider some options and will be pleased about your opinion about these:

1) Is there a way to upload a file (e.g. excel, csv, text) while the report is running?

2) Is it possible to customize the SAP Crystal reports input prompt (eg. css, html)?

3) Is it possible to implement an own input prompt to the bi launchpad pass the parameters to the CR4E Report (eg. html, js) ?

4) Or do you know a good way / best practice to handle a large amount of input parameters?

Thank you very much!