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Jun 08, 2016 at 07:36 AM

Error RSPLS_CR 027 in char comb CHECK & CREATE


We have the following 4 characteristics in a query for which the user creates new combinations:

- Account (restricted to 500 entries in the filter and does not include '#')

- Customer (unrestricted in the filter - 100 entries - and hence does include '#')

- Segment (unrestricted in the filter - 20 entries - and hence does include '#')

- Activity (unrestricted in the filter - 20 entries - and hence does include '#')

Cartesian product of the above: 20.000.000 combinations

The settings for 'Access Type for Result Values' and 'Filter Value 'Selection at Query Execution' are:

- Account: char combs + char combs

- Customer: char combs + char combs

- Segment: char combs + MD

- Activity: char combs + MD

Business requires the follownig check: If Account selected ends with '1' then a Customer must be provided (i.e. '#' not allowed). All other combinations are valid.

For this reason we have implemented IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS~CHECK.

Based on above information it shall be noted that the cartesian product of all combinations (20 million) are allowed EXCEPT (xxx1,#,*,*) . Thus the number of valid combinations is rather close to 20 millions.

This construct works well UNLESS the user hits 'value help'/F4 in which case all hell breaks loose!

In that case IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS~CREATE is invoked and here we have implemented the generation of the valid Account-Customer combinations (populating e_th_chas) which are very close to the cartesian product of 500.000 - to be precise exactly 500.000 minus (xxx1,#) .

The setting for the number of valid combinations for the infoprovider seem to work well for a few 100.000 combinations, but not more and with 20 million the application interrupts with message RSPLS_CR 027

At this point there seem to be only two alternatives:

- deactivate the CHECK for Account- Customer OR

- tell the user that they may not use F4

Any other suggestions out there?

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After testing around a bit it turns out that everything works fine creating new entries in the manual planning layout (i.e. only CHECK is called and not CREATE and therefore there is no interrupt) IF:

- an existing entry already exists in the layout OR

- in creating the first entry the user does not use F4/value help for Account OR

- in creating the first entry the user enters any kind of value in any of the other 3 characteristics in the layout (after which F4/Value Help for Account can be used without calling CREATE -