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Jun 08, 2016 at 06:37 AM

Post encrypted files on gateway server


Dear Experts,

The requirement is regarding a bank interface in which SAP ECC generates the transaction files and those files need to pulled from shared folder & should be encrypted in PI and PI should post the encrypted files to designated folder on gateway server of our client. Then bank guys will install sftp client which polls the same folders & if any file is found then it will transfer it to bank server. I knew that ts could be achieved by NFS to FTP scenario by using encryption utility. My questions are regarding the receiver side of PI : 1) Is gateway server[on client lanscape] is a physical server. 2) What all required information is required for PI consultant reg this interface like gateway server IP, etc. 3) Does gateway server should have SFTP access enabled in it? 4) After SFTP setup is completed, should I ping the gateway server IP from PI server which is Linux? 5) What type of Keys/Certificates are required to be generated by Bank guys for encryption of files ? 6) Should the keys/certificates are to be generated on Gateway server machine itslef?




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