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Jun 07, 2016 at 05:02 PM

UAR Requests not triggered to Approvers through SE38 program


Hello Experts,

We are using the uar functionality in GRC 10.1. If we run the UAR through NWBC it is working Requests are visible in Request Review and after Uar update workflow Job, Requests are triggering to the role Owners.

We had a scenario where we want to Run only for 200-300 Roles. we cannot add each and every role in NWBC while scheduling the LOAD DATA Job since the naming convention is different.

So we are running the LOAD DATA Job in SA38(GRAC_UAR_REQUEST_GEN). Requests are visible in REQUEST REVIEW stage. but after the UAR Update Workflow Job, the requests still are in the ADMIN REVIEW and not triggered to the Role Owners.

After analysis we found that, the requests which have JOBID are triggered(If we execute through NWBC the jobid's are automatically filled ). But when we execute from SA38, the jobids are not filled.

Please suggest, how to overcome this scenario.