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Why do I have to check some models in twice?

I've wondered about this for a while, never really thought of a satisfactory answer, and finally decided to ask the question.

Sometimes when I check a model in to the repository (including models that have not been checked in before), I have to check them in more than once, because PD tells me that there are differences between the local model and the repository model (CHANGED BY YOU or CHANGED BY ANOTHER, and I think I may also have seen both for some models. I've just come across this on a large scale, and anyone can replicate it, so now's the time to find out why this happens.

Here's the scenario - I want to see the supplied Example models in the PowerDesigner Web Portal, so I decided to check them in. Here's what I did:

  1. Copied all the examples from Program Files folders to one of my own folders, so I can edit them
  2. Check in every model in the demo workspace to a new repository folder
  3. The two Projects separately didn't get checked in, so I did those afterwards
  4. Moved some files into different repository sub-folders
  5. Nearly all of the models I checked in were marked as CHANGED BY ANOTHER, so I checked them all in again - the majority of the differences (possibly all of them, I didn't check) appeared to involve the location of symbols on diagrams

Now my local and repository models are synchronised.

Why did I have to check them in twice?

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2 Answers

  • Jun 07, 2016 at 09:56 AM

    Actually one model (UML2 Orders Analysis) is NOT synchronised - one symbol on one diagram is different. How can this happen when I haven't edited any of these diagrams myself?

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  • Jun 07, 2016 at 09:59 AM

    I'm using PD 16.6 build 4971

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    • Former Member

      Hi George,

      For me it seems to work fine. I tried a few.

      PD 16.6 SP00 PL01 Build 5006

      SQL Anywhere as repository.

      But I have seen the behaviour in earlier versions.