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Jun 07, 2016 at 05:09 AM

RSECVAL_STRING is incomplete and Characteristic values not reflecting in RSECADMIN


Dear Experts,

We have upgraded to BW 7.4 system from 7.31. Post upgrade i am finding the below issues and not able to identify the correct resolution. Please guide me on how to analyze further.

1. Post upgrade while checking few AA's in RSECADMIN, none of the Characteristics are reflecting, meaning the AA's are blank. Tried executing the step RSECADMIN -> Extras -> Migrations -> Migration: Release 7.0 -> Release 7.3 and the values did not reflect in RSECADMIN.

2. Table RSECVAL_STRING is not populated with all the values as in RSECVAL. I hope the program RSD_XPRA_REPAIR_0TCTIOBJVL_740 which runs automatically during XPRA phase should have updated it, but in our case it has not. How to get RSECVAL_STRING updated post upgrade. Can the program RSD_XPRA_REPAIR_0TCTIOBJVL_740 be run manually, should any pre/post step be executed/verified.

3. When new AA's are created and Activated, the Characteristics and Values are getting updated in RSECVAL_STRING but the version gets updated as "M" and not as "A" as seen in RSECADMIN. Are any pre-requisite steps missed while upgrade due to which the correct Version is not reflecting in RSECVAL_STRING.

Best Regards,