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Jun 07, 2016 at 04:54 AM

RVIVAUFT: Cannot generate intercompany billing document


Hi all,

I am currently testing a order related intercompany solution involving repair order. This is to take care of situation where the repair request is received by one company but the repair work is done by another entity/company within the organisation. See for more details.

The process is as follows:

1. Create a repair order (order type RAS) under company 1000

2. Assign an item with plant 3000 that belongs to company 3000

3. Create return delivery and goods receipt

4. Trigger service order creation from repair order

5. Update plan cost and post actual on service order

6. Run DP90 to add sub-item for billing in repair order. The item category is IRIN. The lines added are under plant 3000 which is the key to triggering the output RDIV when the customer billing document is created (not interoco).

7. Technically close service order

8. Create outbound delivery document and goods issue.

9. When I run VF01 to create the billing document, the document is created successfully. RDIV is shown in the output screen. However, it failed when I tried to process it via VF31.

The problem is there is no processing log shown and the same applies when I tried to run the program RVIVAUFT directly. Does anyone encounter similar problem before? Just wondering what could possibly be missing in this case that stops the creation of the interco document?

I looked in SDN and SAP but could not find anything useful.

Appreciate any advice on the above.