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Jun 07, 2016 at 04:08 AM

Inconsistence at BP0


Hi everyone.

This is a new implementation for SAP S/4Hana on-premise 1511.

I am facing following issue in -Trx BPO.

1. I have created a client as FLCU00 ( FI Customer)

2. I tried to create Sales And distribution role FLCU01 (CUSTOMER) adding Sales organization + Dist. Channel+ Division, filling all the fields required.

3. Everything goes well and Save the changes and the system response with message "cHANGES HAS BEEN SAVED" (MsgNo BUPA_DIALOG_JOEL131).

4. When I tried to retrieve the data saved nothing is showed.

At this point appears as data wasn't saved

Could you please advise what is happenning.

I have all my tests stopped regarding that issue!

thanks in advance.


Juan B.