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Jun 06, 2016 at 11:34 AM

Accounting Entry in ML AVR RUN (CKMLCPAVR)


Respected SAP Experts,

In my current Project , we will be using ML AVR functionality during the year end. We use AVR because in the monthly ML (CKMLCP) run , we don't calculate actual activity Price (No KSII & CON2) because of seasonal production activity in scattered months . In AVR Run we calculate activity (with actual costing indicator 2 & Credit Cost Centre Parameter as 1)to get yearly actual cost of production and cogs with AVR run delta posting.

As I am using first time AVR so my question is , what would be the accounting entry that system will pass after AVR RUN for Delta posting for activity revaluation. Let’s discuss with example below.

Suppose I have activity Price revaluation Delta diff is 100 Euro during the year end at the time of AVR RUN. Let’s assume this difference should allocate 50% to Stock and 50%to COGS.

Entry for Price DIFF

Dr. PRG A/C 100 Euro

CR. GBB_AUI 100 Euro (with Production Cost Centre Credit)

AVR Entry 1. for allocation

Dr UMD A/C 50 Euro (Share of Stock loading )

DR GBB_VAX A/C 50 Euro (Share of Cogs Loading)

CR PRG A/C 100 Euro ( with this it will nullify PRG in P&L)

AVR Entry 2. for Balance sheet stock.

Dr BSD A/C 50 Euro( to actualise B/s stock A/C)

CR UMD A/C 50 euro(To nullify UMD accounts in P&L)

Is the above is entry flow concept is correct or it also calls PRY & PRV account as well ? If there is any Material Price Diff occure during AVR Delta, will it flow thru PRG instead of PRD & follow the above route or the normal CKMLCP Accounting Entry route i.e(PRD, PRY, PRV, GBB_VAX & BSX). Please help.

Thanks in advance