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Jun 06, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Need help on Payroll PCR & SCHEMA


Hi Experts,

I working on Payroll Requirement , i was stuck with the checking multiple condition, so i wanted to go for ABAP code for my requirement.

who are qualified for the below conditions then they will be paid wage type 9901.

  1. Employee wage type 8001 is exists or not.
  2. If Wage type 1005 is maintained in the info type 0014 , if yes or not.
  3. Employee weekly working hours should be below 25 hours.
  4. employee hours should be below 6.85 hours.
  5. employees contact type should NOT be "65" from IT0016.

IT 0016 calling in PCR is failing so we wanted to go the above condition with abap program.

If the above all conditions are satisfied then there is specified calculation for the payment of 9901 wage type that we are addressing with PCR.

I would request you to kindly let us know the suitable approach.

I have few thoughts on this

  • Creating a custom function with help of abap code. : if we go with this option, will that IF , ELSE condition works with based on Function? ( i assume that IF condition calls PCR.)
  • Creating a Sub routine and calling in PCR.( how to address this, how to maintain sub routine in PCR)

Kindly though some inputs on this please.

thank you in advance,