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Jun 04, 2016 at 07:43 PM

SAP HANA SPS 12: hdbroles doesn't work


Hi Experts,

we don't know why, but we don't get the .hdbroles within the new container to work.

We can build them without any problems. But if we try to grant the roles to anyone, it doesn't work.

We created this tinyworld sample. Maybe one of you wants to try it by his own. We tried it with hana studio and with the new webide but no difference, without that the error msg are not the same.



"name": "tinyworld.tinydb::cdstinyworld",



"name": "",

"type": "TABLE",

"privileges": [ "SELECT" ]





Could not modify user 'Dummy'. Could not grant role tinyworld.tinydb::cdstinyworld Role tinyworld.tinydb::cdstinyworld does not exist

21:06:54 (Security Editor) Changing 'Dummy' user failed:
404 - Granting ROLE 'tinyworld.tinydb::cdstinyworld' failed: invalid role name: tinyworld.tinydb::cdstinyworld: line 1 col 7 (at pos 6)

I had this problem also in SPS11 but was in hope that this problem would be solved with SPS12 for us . But it doesn't work either.

This issue is really a big problem for us, because we aren't able to get an access from outside via ETL to our hdi container (tables). 😔

I know, it should work. I saw this excellent video by Thomas Jung and I think I watched it more than thousand times to find out, where I missed a step.

DEV602 WebIDE Ex2 - Database Development - YouTube

Pls., any help would be greatly appreciated.


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web.png (19.5 kB)