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Jun 03, 2016 at 10:42 AM

ECC IPC Development Questions


Hello All,

We have a home grown Ecommerce Application that uses SAP CRM IPC for pricing and Configuration. Now we are moving away from SAP CRM system and going to have only ECC system.

So we are connecting our home grown Ecommerce Application to the ECC system and planning to use ECC IPC for Pricing. Now, we have to migrate the CRM IPC Java classes to ECC IPC. So, my questions are :

1. In CRM IPC, we have used the Z Attributes since some fields used in ECC Routines were not available in CRM. So, I believe we don't need to use any Z Attributes as ECC IPC Java should have all fields? Or Do I still have to use the same?

2. What would be the equivalent of CRM_COND_COM_BADI in ECC if I have to use some Z Attributes and populate the value?

3. Is there a way to debug ECC IPC when called from a remote Ecommerce Application? Or even when called from ECC based Webchannel(Internet Sales)?

4. Is it possible to test ECC IPC Pricing trough some transaction code?

5. Do we have any good documentation for ECC IPC Java coding?

Thanks, Ravi