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Jun 03, 2016 at 10:12 AM

ABAP Push Channel under huge load. Any best practices?



I have a question regarding ABAP Push Channel, particularly about mixed scenario APC/AMC:

What if I am going to attach the functionality to some system event, which suddenly, starts happening very often?

For instance, I would like to inform technicians about the errors (e.g. IDOC postings), but then, incidentally, all IDOCs start to fail, thus thousand (or much more) messages must be send. BTW, IDOCs are normally posted in parallel, so this must be also considered.

So my questions are:

How to ensure that APC/AMC are working under huge load?

Any best practices or references?

What is huge load in this case?

The question is mainly to gurus – Olga and Masoud, 😊 but any hint would be appreciated.

Posting this as a separate question, as the topic is quite important to my mind.

Thanks, Dima