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Jun 03, 2016 at 06:48 AM

SAP Answers: Code syntax highlighting only on answers but not comments


Hi 1DX team

Not sure if this is something that is not implemented yet or will not be. From testing in the following question, it looks like syntax highlighting is only available on "Answer" responses and not "Comments" (to the question or to answers in the question).

How can I format code snippets properly in a blog post? - SAP Answers

As discussions can get quite technical, it could lead to clarifications to submitted "Answers" in the form of comments to the answers, and these "comments" may possibly involve code too (i.e. modifications to the code submitted in the original answer). It make sense that such code in the comments part should have syntax highlighting too - after all, the editor for the comment do provide a "Code" button.


Eng Swee


code.png (44.2 kB)