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Changing URL of PowerDesigner portal (powerdesigner-web)

Hi everyone,

We would like to change the URL of the PowerDesigner portal to get a shorter URL. We tried to remove the "powerdesigner-web", so that the portal could be reached using:

http://<HOST>/ instead of http://<HOST>:3030/powerdesigner-web/

Therefore we changed the port the Tomcat is running from 3030 to 80 (in the server.xml) which worked fine.

Additionally we changed the name of the "ROOT" folder ( ...\PowerDesigner Portal 16\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT) to "startpage" which also worked fine.

Then we added into the server.xml the following part into the HOST section

<Context path="/"


                    reloadable="true" />

which seemed to work also fine as we could reach the portal login page and login using the URL http://<HOST>/

BUT after each click within the repository section the portal asks for a re-login. :-(

Did anybody managed to change the URL or has an idea what we did wrong?

Best regards,


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1 Answer

  • Jun 03, 2016 at 02:23 PM

    Hi Simon,

    We set up an alias for the portal. That involved

    - the usual DNS work to have the alias resolve to the PD server

    - add the alias to the server hostnames

    - we just redirected port 80 to 3030 in server.xml

    <Connector port="80" enableLookups="false"

               redirectPort="3030" />

    - then change the Host entry for localhost to the alias

    I remember having trouble getting it all to work when we set it up - so this is what we settled on.


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    • Hi Simon

      It is http://<Host>/

      Might be your "<Host" in server.xml. Part of our changes included changing [Host name="localhost"] to [Host name="our.alias"].

      If it helps, ping me directly and we can look at screens via Skype.