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Jun 03, 2016 at 06:11 AM

ComponentContainer doesn't display Component in Launchpad (NetWeaver)



I have an app that has a view with a ComponentContainer.

In the ComponentContainer I embed a Component from outside of the app:


In Component.js of the app I set the module path for the component:"my.components", "/SAP/BC/BSP/NAMESAPCE/PUBLIC/UI5/COMPONENTS/");

If I call my app via the BSP application (via index.html) everything works fine.

The app is displayed with the page that displays the embedded component.

But if I embed my app via Component in Launchpad only the UI of the app is displayed - not the embedded component.

BUT: It is definitely loaded!

Because my embedded component has a load method that I have to call and when I look in debugger I can see that everything works correctly - the embedded component is available and the load method is successfully called.

The embedded components view is just not displayed...

Any ideas on that?

Thanks & regards,