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Jun 02, 2016 at 09:18 PM

Subcontracting Components - SubReq planning in MD04



I have a finished good that is 'produced' at a subcontractor. This finished good has a subcontracting BOM which requires a component from my warehouse. When I forecast my finished good at the subcontractor, I want the requirements to drive down to my components, but I don't want to react until I have a customer order.

I have my finished good setup as Strategy Group 52, Mixed MRP =1. When I put in Planned Ind Requirements, they create a VSE in a Preplanning w/o Assembly section in MD04. I run MRP and planned orders are created that I cannot convert. This is working great.

My problem is with those components of these planned orders. They show up in MD04 as SubReq (subcontracting requirements) and MRP creates planned orders for them.

I want them to show up as planned orders that I cannot convert.

With a regular BOM and components this process works as expected. The components show up in a Preplanning w/o Assembly section in MD04 and I cannot convert the planned orders that get created.

The Subcontracting Req are not respecting the Strategy group 52.

The components also have a strategy group = 52 with Mixed MRP = 1.

Any suggestions are appreciated.