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Jun 02, 2016 at 11:41 PM

Create work status report in BPC embedded planning


Hi All,

I am working on BPC Embedded planning for BW 7.4 SP14, and Analysis Office (AO) 2.3.

I'd like to develop the Work status report in Analysis Office (we don't use standard work status report in the BPC Web client).

Work status generate Virtual Provider. I can create Composite Provider on top of Virtual provider.

The issue is the status info object is a key figure. Hence, if I extract the report, it shows status with the number - it's difficult to understand by user. I need to extract the text for this.


DateCost Center Status (key figure) 10 Jan100101110 Jan100102110 Jan100103210 Jan1001040

0: not started

1: in progress

2: completed

There is option: Extract virtual provider to DSO via APD, it works, I can get the text for it, but it's not real time (need to trigger data extraction) .

We want to have a real time one.

1. Do you have any suggestions what the solution for this?

2. I am thinking to create analysis view.

But I don't know how I can get the hana work status table, and join it to the text for status.

If you have an experience to create analysis view by joining virtual provider, and master data table. Could you kindly please let me know step-by-step to do it?

Kindly please ask your advice, and very much appreciated

Many thanks