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Jun 02, 2016 at 02:16 PM

Expiration date for Material not updated



For a material the shelf life is set as 24 and indicator is M(month)

the user expects that the expiry date for this material should be set accordingly,

the date of Manufacturing of material is 04.11.2015 and expiration date should be 04.11..2017

But in table MCH1 the expiration date (VFDAT) is 04.11..2075 which is incorrect.

Now we are trying to replicate the issue in our Dev systems and when we make changes to the field Total Shelf life of material we are expecting the expiration date to be changed accordingly but the date does not change.

How does the expiration date for material gets updated in the table MCH1? is there any job that we need to check?


shelflife.PNG (7.5 kB)
MCH1 table.PNG (15.1 kB)