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Feb 08, 2017 at 10:13 AM

How to communicate with standard Inports in the UI


Hello Experts,

since the 1702 release of Cloud Applications Studio the COD_Account_QC got an inport named Reverese_Lookup_Info_Result which is bound to the main address fields of the customer.

Now I want to communicate with this Inport via an Outport created on my Embedded Component.

The fields I bound to the Outport parameters are filled with informations (I placed them on my screen to check it). These fields were created in the DataModel via Right-click -> Create Data Field. If the In-/Outport only supports values of elements with the exact same type as the fields I want to fill, I already changed the elements of my BO according to the customer fields but it didn't work either.

I trigger this Outport via a button on my EC which is bound to the Address_Info_Outport of the COD_Acount_QC. When I press the button on my screen, the EventHandler bound to the button does everything it should, besides the Outport. It seems that there is some kind of blockade which doesn't trigger the Inport of the QC.

Could someone please provide me some information about how to configure the Outport right so that the Inport gets provided with the values?

Kind Regards,



outport.png (49.8 kB)