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Jun 02, 2016 at 12:45 PM

SAP MDG Value mapping in Central Finance



We are configuring central finance system but came across an issue with value mapping. We are getting an error message 'No code list configured for GTEL , GDT BUKRS and Bus. Sys ..

1.Assign code lists to elements and systems under value mapping, we maintained

Type-DTEL ,GDT-BUKRS, Internal list id-01 list id-BUKRS, List version id-01 also maintained business system and agency id.

2.under maintain value mapping fields

Under SPRO->Central Finance

Under SPRO-> central finance we only maintained set actions for mapping entity as Obligatory. Is there anything else we need to maintain for bukrs value mapping under CF node.

Is internal code list id is correct?


code list.PNG (3.5 kB)
code list2.PNG (20.4 kB)
code list3.PNG (21.2 kB)
code list4.PNG (25.1 kB)