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Mar 06, 2006 at 11:09 PM

CRM 5.0 segmentation: person vs organization


In CRM 5.0 is it possible to:

<b>(1)</b> create a profile with organization attributes (e.g. sales volume),

<b>(2)</b> link these organizations to persons with specific relationships to the above organizations

<b>(3)</b> further refine the profile with specific attributes pertaining only to the persons from (2) above (e.g. title: vice president)

<b>(4)</b> have the final target list be <u>only</u> person business partner records

From the 5.0 release notes: <i>Selection using relationships increases the flexibility of your segmentation activities, particularly in business-to-business scenarios. When generating target groups, you can now select business partners based on both their personal data, as well as the data for their organization. The person and organization are saved with the target group.</i>

However, it is not clear to me from the above that I can limit my final target list to only persons (not the organizations).

My company targets only person business partners, not the organization, when performing marketing campaigns.

Thank you for your help - Matt