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Jun 02, 2016 at 12:17 AM

Convert EAServer app to .NET web service - TransactionServer is not recognized


Hi all,

The above mentioned .NET web service was created in PB 12.6 Classic from an existing EAS target and successfully deployed to IIS. This is a large application that shares several NVOs with its counterpart Client Server application.

Methods need to know at runtime if the code being executed is running in a transaction server (like EAS or COM+) or not.

To solve the problem the function below OF_IS_TRANSACTION_SERVER() was created several years ago when the EAS project was in development.



Long ll_rc

ll_rc = getContextService("TransactionServer",itrs_obj) // definition: transactionserver itrs_obj

// function "which" returns zero if is not running in a transaction server; 1 if EAS and 2 if COM+

IF itrs_obj.Which() > 0 THEN Return TRUE

Return FALSE


As I said, everything now is running on IIS and the function Which always return zero.

Any ideas what has to be done in order to IIS be recognized as a transaction server?

Thank you for the help.