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Jun 01, 2016 at 06:59 PM

Assigning Supervisors to Multiple Cost Centers in PPOME


How would you go about assigning one supervisor to multiple cost centers in PPOME.

EX: Supervisor is Billy, Billy is over Powder Line Cost Center 11111 and Wire Line Cost Center 11112

If we assign Billy as supervisor over the Powder line, his name appears out to the side of the Powder Line in PPOME

Since he is already the cost center of Powder Line and PPOME is driven by the Position Number for allocating supervisors, Billy's number cannot be entered again as supervisor over Wire Line and show up out to the side of the hierarchy. Therefore it does not accurately reflect that Billy is over multiple Cost Centers.

How do you allow this multiple cost center assignment to one supervisor and allow visibility so we can see how many departments he is actually over?