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how can we have SBO update facets automatically when measures is changed?

Feb 08, 2017 at 10:06 AM


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Hello all,

My SBO which extracts from BEx does not changed its facets amount (Year, Company Code etc) if I click from Gross Sales, Sales Discount and Trade Sales. The table below with the graph shows the correct amounts. When I create a new information space, it shows the correct data; we are unable to just create a new one since personal views have already been created for upper management from the old information view.

Can you please advise what can be done to resolve the issue?


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if you can provide some screenshots to illustrate the issue, maybe it'll be easier for experts here to provide suggestions.
If you provide a version of the Explorer and BIP used as well as BW it might be usefull as well.


Hi Denis,

Sorry for the delay, I just saw your message. I was able to resolve my issue by refreshing my universe then removing my facets, saving the information space, afterwhich reinstating the fields again. thanks for your response!

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