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how can we have SBO update facets automatically when measures is changed?

Hello all,

My SBO which extracts from BEx does not changed its facets amount (Year, Company Code etc) if I click from Gross Sales, Sales Discount and Trade Sales. The table below with the graph shows the correct amounts. When I create a new information space, it shows the correct data; we are unable to just create a new one since personal views have already been created for upper management from the old information view.

Can you please advise what can be done to resolve the issue?


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  • if you can provide some screenshots to illustrate the issue, maybe it'll be easier for experts here to provide suggestions.
    If you provide a version of the Explorer and BIP used as well as BW it might be usefull as well.

  • Hi Denis,

    Sorry for the delay, I just saw your message. I was able to resolve my issue by refreshing my universe then removing my facets, saving the information space, afterwhich reinstating the fields again. thanks for your response!

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