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Jun 01, 2016 at 03:29 PM

Installation of SAP HANA APL V2.5.10


I tried to install and setup the APL (SAP HANA APL V2.5.10) on HANA (version: SPS10.102.06). However, an error occurred when installing the APL.

I followed the steps described in page 14 to 15 of 'SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library Reference Guide' (pa25_hana_apl_user_en.pdf) as follows:

1/ I downloaded the installer 'SAPPAAPL2005P_100-80000819.TGZ' (Patch of SAP PA APL 2.5 for HANA SP 10 and higher) from SAP Support Portal.

2/ I stopped HANA.

3/ I tried to install the APL by the procedure 'Installing using the command line in interactive mode':

./hdblcm --action=update_components --component_dirs=/usr/local/src/apl-

('/usr/local/src/' is the path to be extracted 'apl-' folder)

4/ I chose '1. All component' and entered 'System Administrator Password' during this procedure.

5/ Error occurred. The error messages are as follows:

Installing components...

Installing Automated Predictive Library...

Update of SAP HANA components failed.

Installation of Automated Predictive Library failed

Installation failed

running in batch mode

No password tag 'system_user_password' found

Mandatory parameter 'system_user_password' (SQLSysPasswd) is missing or invalid


Are there anything wrong with our steps or HANA versions?