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Mar 06, 2006 at 06:22 PM

Does model._setHTTPDestinationName() work?


I'm trying to use HTTP Destinations, as per this documentation">documentation> but they don't seem to work: if I specify a destination that doesn't work, the correct web service (defined in the original data model) is still invoked. Likewise, if I try to set the destination name to a destination that exists, yet points at an invalid URL, it still invokes the correct service. As a result, I can only assume that the original hard-coded URL is still used over the configured destination name.

Is anyone else using HTTP Destinations for Web Services in a Web Dynpro model?

If you're developing your own web service to be consumed in a Web Dynpro model, HTTP Destinations will let you transport your code between different environments with no code modifications - you only have to tweak the server config, and only once to create the destination.