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Jun 01, 2016 at 08:09 AM

Inspection Lot, Production Order CO11n


Hi Gurus,

We have recently implemented inspection at production order release (insp type 03), and the process is working well. However we're facing a scenario whereby when we want to change the material associated with the equipment record created via production order creation, priori to completing the confirmation steps for the order in CO11n.

We are changing the material of the equipment record via IE02 -> edit -> special serial number s/n functions -> change material number. Once we have made that change, if we then try and complete the confirmation steps in CO11nm there is no goods movement and the order remains visible in MD04.

If we complete the above steps for an order that is not related to an inspection lot, the goods movement works perfectly for the new / target material number and the loop is complete. It seems clear that there is additional checking that takes place based on the fact that the material is set up for inspection lot processing, however I seem unable to find where / what that may be.

If anyone has come across a similar scenario of can shed any light on what may be causing the issue I'd be very grateful.