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May 31, 2016 at 02:58 PM

Embargo check in three different levels


Hi Team,

I am working on Embargo service on SAP GTS.

We have 3 different levels for Embargo Check Service in GTS:

1. Country Level

2. Legal Regulation / Country of Destination Level

3. Legal Regulation / Country of Departure/Country of Destination Level

My questions is, what is the major difference between all these three levels and why we are using Legal regulation in level 1 & 2 and especially talking about 3rd level, as we have already maintaining Both countries (Departure & Destination), So what is the purpose of LR here. Please clarify.

Also I am getting confuse between all these country & country groups

1. Country Level

2. Country / Country Level

3. Country / Country Group Level

4. Country Group Level

5. Country Group / Country Level

6. Country Group / Country Group Level

How to identify the Departure and Destination Countries among all these 6 levels, Please clarify.