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May 31, 2016 at 12:10 PM

how to extract partner function data from VBPA through generic DS?


Hi Folks,

We have a requirement to extract the Partner function PARVW = 'zc' from VBPA. Please find my below points and advise.

1) There is no date field in VBPA to extract the delta through generic ds. ( where I will lookup with the SO and populate the value for PARVW = ZC).

2) I need to combine VBAP and VBPA as I need the ZC value for all the SO's along with item level.

3) There are few SO' with the item number blank in VBPA, how do I extract the data based on a view if I put the below condition, its not extracting the data with SO item = blank from VBPA. There are few SO in VBPA where the ZC value is maintained at the header level as well.

4) Do we have any standard DS on VBPA table ?

Please advise if I am not clear.




Capture.PNG (15.9 kB)