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May 31, 2016 at 11:03 AM

Corrupt Reports


Hey Folks,

this is more a question about your General experience.

I have one Problem i do experience sometimes, and don't know how to fix it, unless i want to build a new EPM Report...

Sometimes after a while of working on an Input schedule, the report(s) get corrupt in the way, that you can still refresh data etc.. BUT if you want to save some new formula in a local member or deactivate a local member, or change anything in the Report Editor, it is saving this configuration.

But after a few refreshs it goes back to one specific state where it is like how you opened it before your refreshes. Even if you save it physically in this state and then open it, it goes back to the one Version. Like it would use an old Cache or something

Did somebody experience something like that already in the past? Any suggestions how to "rescue" my reports (I actually just Need to Change one single local member formula......

Thanks in advance!